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KARL-GERAET (60cm) & (54CM)
The Super-Heavy Self-Propelled Mortar also known as Geraet 040/041 Nr.I-VII
by Thomas L Jentz and Hilary Louis Doyle
ISBN 0-9708407-2-1

Published by Panzer Tracts,
PO Box 334, Boyds, MD 20841, USA

Soft cover, 56 pages.

Review by Terry Ashley

This 56 page soft cover book from Panzer Tracts covers the 60cm and 54cm Karl-Geraet SP Mortars

As with other Panzer Tracts books it reflects the latest research into the Karl-Geraet with the use of original documentation and drawings to give the most up to date account possible.

The text gives a detailed technical and development history coverage of the Mortars including combat history with drawings of the hull layout and other sections such as the suspension, driver’s compartment and shell loading tray.

There are many photographs of the various Karl-Geraets as well as of the rail transport trucks and mountings and of the Munitionsachlepper loading vehicle based on the Panzer IV chassis.

The photos include general overall coverage photos and close-up detail shots of some parts of the mortars. The photos of the guns broken down into their road transport components offer some good detail views.

There are 7 full page photos of the two 54cm Karls included in the DML kit decal sheet which give a good idea of the cam scheme carried by these vehicles.

Another excellent reference book from Panzer Tracts which will be invaluable when building either of the DML or Trumpeter Karl kits.

Highly recommended.

Page created August 16, 2003