bookU.S.Tank Destroyers in Action
Squadron Signal Publications No. 2036.
ISBN 0 89747 385 X Jim Mesko.

A typical Squadron/Signal book. Good general reference including plans, line drawings and the colour center spread.
The book is largely taken up with the M10, as you would expect, this being the predominant US Tank Destroyer of WWII.
The M18 is also well covered with 4 view plans and good photo coverage, including many good detail shots.
The M36, M36B1 and B2's are also mentioned in a brief 4 page spread, which includes side view drawings of the different versions.
The M10 section has 4 view plans, plus excellent plan and side view drawings showing the 4 major turret variations during the M10's life This is worth the price of the book on it's own.
There are a few turret interior shots, but the majority of photos are wartime in action shots covering all theatres the M10 saw action in.
There is also a section on Combat Service which has good photos of all the different TD's in action in various locations and has good diorama reference potential.
The Achilles is mentioned, but only has one page devoted to it.

A recommended reference.

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