bookTankograd Militärfahrzeug
Issue 1/2005

Tankograd Militärfahrzeug.
Soft cover, A4 size, 72 pages

Review by Peter Brown

As expected, another good collection of articles on a variety of subjects. Though the text is in German, the feature articles have English translations and photo captions are in both German and English. Editorial sections are only in German. Photos are clearly printed, modern subjects use full colour images with historical ones illustrated in black and white.

Contents -

Letters (half-page in German)

New softskins for the German army (half page, colour vehicle photos)

Leopard 2A5DK - the current German MBT in service in Denmark, with photos of the tank on manoeuvres. 11 pages, four are detail close-up photos.

Boxer wheeled APC which is a prototype of a new series which could replace the M113 and Transportpanzer in German service. 5 pages, including close-ups and profiles of possible variants.

JGSDF LAV - two-page feature with photos and perspective sketches on this Japanese light vehicle used in Iraq

FMTV "Damned Good Trucks" - coverage of this current US Army medium truck series, with list of variants and small side view drawings of several types. 7 pages.

Combined Endeavor 2003 - coverage of this international exercise, 3 pages and many photos of softskin vehicles.

Armoured Vehicles of the East German Army part 3 - continuing the series from previous issues covering 1962-1966 with photos of many AFVs wheeled and tracked 7 pages

Maintenance Company 194 on the Eastern Front - 2 pages showing a tank repair unit serving in Russia, with photos of its own vehicles and the tanks they repaired

Austrian Army Exercise "Vorausangreif" with photos of a range of vehicles in the field. 4 pages

Schwere 10cm Kanone 18 - photo-feature on the WW2 German 100mm field gun with many in-action shots of the guns and half-track towing vehicles. 4 pages.

Mantis high-mobility fast attack vehicle - 2 pages on this Israeli "dune buggy" type 4x4

M16 hard target - 2 pages showing old M16 AA haltracks on firing ranges

Archive - section with one-page coverage of various vehicles, this deals with the Italian Lancia IZ armoured car of 1915 including a 1/87 plan, US M116 Husky tracked amphibious cargo carrier, HMMV C4ISR stretched Hummer with communications equipment and the Italian M113-based Arisgator amphibious APC

Newsletter, 2 pages in German only with colour photos of various vehicles

As usual well recommended, this series is available from several distributors. For more details contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert on
Thanks to Justin Gainham at Bookworld for the review copy.

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