bookTankograd Militärfahrzeug
Issue 1/2006

Tankograd Militärfahrzeug.
Soft cover, A4 size, 72 pages

Review by Peter Brown

In the same format as previous issues, the first Militärfahrzeug for 2006 has its main text is in German with English translations for feature articles and photo captions, although the Editorial sections are only in German. Photos are clearly printed, with colour for modern subjects and black and white for the historical ones.

Contents -

Editorial (half-page in German)

Spoof "Berg-Goliath" 1946 Wehrmacht vehicle, one page with photos

OSTS-MBT OPFOR "tank" of the US Army based on M113-series chassis, showing this unusual vehicle on exercise, four pages plus large photo on back cover

Alvis-OMC RG-32M mine protected vehicle, one page with photos

Afghan T-62 Tank Battalion ANA, great feature with background on modern Afghan armour including training of crews by former East German instructors. Eight pages with photos of tanks and crews

Dingo 2 protected 4x4 vehicle, five pages with photos and manufacturer's ghosted view and computer artwork

RM-70 Modular wheeled multiple rocket launcher for the Slovak army, two pages with photos showing this modified 8x8 vehicle

Captured Italian Trucks in Wehrmacht service, six pages mostly photos of Luftwaffe operated trucks in Italy

Beltring 2005 show report, ten pages including a double-page centre spread of an M5A1 Stuart and other photos of a wide range of vehicles

Armoured Vehicles of the East German Army Part 8 and Conclusion, covering the period 1986 to 1990, ten pages with photos of various AFVs including four colour shots of the final years of the NVA with later vehicles such as modernised T-55 and T-72. Includes a lot of detail on final vehicle stocks, use and disposals both before and after the reunification of Germany

Sherman hard targets, two pages showing what look like very damaged M4A4 on the ranges

Combat Correspondent, two pages of 1944-era Luftwaffe "gun trucks" with improvised AA weapons using guns taken from aircraft

Archive Section with one-page coverage including photos of a restored Valentine DD, Ford F-350 Severe Off-Road Vehicle truck, M543A2 wrecker and Alvis Stormer minelayer

Newsletter, 2 pages in German only with colour photos of various vehicles

Well produced and highly recommended as usual with some good material on areas which are not well covered. Available from Tankograd distributors, for more details contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert on
Thanks to Justin Gainham at Bookworld for the review copy.

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