bookTankograd Militärfahrzeug
Issue 2/2005

Tankograd Militärfahrzeug.
Soft cover, A4 size, 72 pages

Review by Peter Brown

Another good collection of articles on a variety of subjects. Main text is in German, feature articles have English translations but the Editorial sections are only in German. Photo captions in both languages. Photos are clearly printed, modern subjects have colour images with historical ones using black and white.

Contents -

Letters (half-page in German)

VW Beetle "Rapid Deployment" vehicle spoof

MLRS MARS in German service, 10 pages including close-up photos and organisation chart of a MRLS unit and its vehicles

SdKfz 233 8-wheel armoured car with short 7.5cm gun, 7 pages with wartime photos

Leopard 2 in Polish service on exercise, 4 pages including shots of supporting ARV and M113

FMTV "Damned Good Trucks" Part 2 continues coverage from 1/2005 of this current US Army medium truck series, 9 pages including two 1/87 plans, photos and a ghosted three-quarter drawing

Armoured Vehicles of the East German Army part 5 - continuing the series from previous issues dealing with the 1967-1970 period, 8 pages with photos of many AFVs wheeled and tracked including a T-34 based ARV

"AZUR KENTAUR" Danish Army Exercise with photos of a range of vehicles in the field. 5 pages

Combat Correspondent at the Dieppe landing August 1942, 2 pages of photos of tanks and landing craft

Israeli M113 L-VAS uparmoured APC, 2 pages

For Sale page, Leopard 1A4 and Dodge Command Car, 1 page

M48 hard targets, 3 pages showing tanks in varying states on firing ranges

Archive Section with one-page coverage of various vehicles, Renault M/26/27 updated FT17, Austrian Jeep with 106mm RCL, Volvo N10 6x6 truck in Belgian use, TABC-70 Rumanian 4x4 armoured car in Iraq

Newsletter, 2 pages in German only with colour photos of various vehicles

Well recommended as with previous issues. The series is available from several distributors, for more details contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert on
Thanks to Justin Gainham at Bookworld for the review copy.

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