bookTankograd Militärfahrzeug
Issue 3/2006

Tankograd Militärfahrzeug.
Soft cover, A4 size, 72 pages

Review by Peter Brown

Following the same format as earlier issues, this edition has the text of feature articles and photo captions in German with English translations but the Editorial and Newsletter sections are in German only. Photos are clearly printed, all colour for modern subjects and black and white for the historical ones.

Contents -

Editorial (half-page in German)

Request for information on old wheeled vehicles including traction engines, one page

Israeli RAM light APC, patrol and fire support vehicle, six pages of general and detail photos with two small general plans

FAMO 18 ton halftrack, seven pages mostly photos of a restored vehicle in colour with some period black and white photos

Passenger and Field Cars of the East German Armed Forces is a ten-page study showing a wide range of 4x4 and domestic cars in NVA service

Puma, ten pages on the new German infantry combat vehicle

M113A3 Add-On Armor Suite, four pages plus full-page photo on back cover of "bar armour" and commander's gun shield fitted to M113 in Iraq

Observer/Controller HMMWV, four pages of specially-equipped vehicles in Germany

Active Response/Active Lion, five page photo report on this first Belgian large-scale exercise for many years with various vehicles shown

HS-30 hard targets, two pages showing old German APCs used as targets on the ranges

Combat Correspondent, two pages of colour photo of Rumanian EUFOR wheeled armour and softskins in the Balkans

Archive Section with one-page coverage of the French AMC P16/M29 halftrack armoured car, restored Polish TKS tankette, Renault V1 TRM 10000 CLD heavy recovery truck and Rumanian DAC 665T six-wheel truck with shelter

Newsletter, two pages in German only with colour photos of various modern vehicle news

Once again, a well produced edition which comes highly recommended with more good material

Available from Tankograd distributors, for more details contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert on
Thanks to Justin Gainham at Bookworld for the review copy.

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