bookTankograd Militärfahrzeug
Issue 4/2003

Tankograd Militärfahrzeug.

Review by Peter Brown

Another issue of this German-published magazine, this one is well up to the high standard of earlier editions. It has articles on a wide range of modern, WW2 and 1950s-1960s vehicles with photos of the modern items in colour and black and white for the earlier period. Main articles have English translations and photo captions are in both German and English. Contents are -

Letters page (in German only)

Unusual Austin armoured cars in the Baltics in 1940 - one page

Operation Iraqi Freedom - four pages of photos of US vehicles in Iraq

Operation Telic - six pages of official UK Ministry of Defence photos of British vehicles in Iraq

SdKfz 10 1-ton haltrack - nine-page photo feature on this German WW2 vehicle

Militaria show at La Gleize, Belgium - one page with colour photos of vintage vehicles

Italian AB 40 armoured car - two pages with some large black and white photos

SABRA Israeli upgraded M60A3 - three page article with photos and description

US Army Heavy Equipment Transporter Company - three pages of text, photos and organisation diagram

Swedish Army VARELD 2003 exercise - eight pages with many photos of vehicles in the field

Faun Typ L912/21 10-ton six-wheel truck of the 1950s-1960s - six pages with photos and manual extracts

Faun Z912/21 A1 artillery tractor - three pages with photos and description

Faun LK 12/21-400 crane truck - three pages with photos and description

Mercedes Benz Wolf in Bosnia-Herzegovina - two pages of photos showing the vehicles with emphasis on markings

FSA MAN MULTI truck presentation - two pages on this new protected 8-wheel truck with photos

Internet page (in German only)

Modern news page (in German only)

US Army Technical Manuals page (in German only)

This first-rate magazine is available through several distributors world-wide, if your preferred stockist does not carry it then contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert

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