bookTankograd Militärfahrzeug
Issue 2/2004

Tankograd Militärfahrzeug.

Review by Peter Brown

More good articles are packed into in this latest 72-page edition. As before, the main text is in German with photo captions repeated in English, feature articles have an English translation though the editorial items are only in German. Each article is supported with photos which are well chosen and well reproduced, modern subjects have full colour photos and older ones in black and white.

Contents -

Briefing (two pages in German, colour photos)

Armoured Vehicles of the German Democratic Republic - first of a series, this covers the era up to the formation of the actual East German Army with AFVs supplied to the various forces which preceded it. These include Russian designs like various forms of T-34 and IS-2 tanks, SU-76 SP guns, BA-64 armoured cars, BTR-40 and BTR-152 wheeled APCs, plus the locally-built SK1 armoured car and a surprise in the form of old Lend-Lease Universal Carriers. (9 pages, b/w photos)

Reader's Gallery (one page of photos with German captions)

Leclerc - a survey of this French MBT with background, photos of it in French and United Arab Emirates service and a walk-round with detail closeups (10 pages, colour photos)

Oddities (half page with a b/w photo of a VERY badly parked light truck dated 1942)

Mercedes-Benz MB1017/1017A truck - survey of this widely-used German Army 5-tonne truck, with two pages listing variants and photos of various versions in service (14 pages, colour photos)

Internet links (one page in German with URLs)

15cm Schwere Feldhaubitz 18 - detailed photo-feature on this WW2 German heavy howitzer (10 pages b/w photos plus full-page shot on back cover)

Troop Challenge 2002 - report on exercise of the US Army's 4th Armoured Cavalry Regiment in Germany showing its various AFVs in the field (5 pages, colour photos)

Landsverk L-180 - six-wheel Swedish armoured car in Irish service (4 pages, original b/w and modern colour photos)

LAV News - feature on Air Defence and Command versions in USMC service and photos of the Saudi Arabian Armoured Gun version (five pages, colour photos including interior of the LAV-C2)

Helicopter - experimental Leopard 1-based anti helicopter system (one and a half pages, colour photos)

Israeli "Sandwich" armoured truck (half page with colour photo)

Wolk WSK - Special Forces version of this 4x4 field car (two and a half pages, colour photos)

Newsletter (one page of industry news, colour photos and German text)

This first-rate magazine is available through several distributors world-wide, if your preferred stockist does not carry it then contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert

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