bookTankograd Militärfahrzeug
Issue 4/2004

Tankograd Militärfahrzeug.
Soft cover, A4 size, 72 pages

Review by Peter Brown

In the same format as previous editions, we have articles on a wide range of vehicles. The major articles have text in German with English translations, photo captions in both German and English, but the editorial sections are only in German. Photos are well chosen and well reproduced, modern subjects have full colour images with older ones illustrated in black and white.

Contents -

Letters (half-page in German, with an unusual winter warfare vehicle photo)

Armoured Vehicles of the East German Army part 3 - continuing the account on from issues 2/2004 and 3/2004 through to the 1960-1961 era with more details and photos of mostly Soviet equipment such as T-34, T-54, PT-76, BTR-152, SU-76, SU-100, recovery vehicles and the German SK1 armoured car. (10 pages)

Exercise "Harke Tan" by the German Army's Panzerbataillon 203 and its Leopard 2A6 with various photos of the tanks in the field (5 pages, plus another full-page photo on the back cover)

Mortar Carrier 120mm M1064A3 covers this M113-series version with colour photos including close-ups and some manual sketches (5 pages)

SdKfz 232 eight-wheel armoured car, radio-equipped versions of the 231-series vehicle with period black and white photos (8 pages)

Exercise "Thuringer Lowe 2004" by the German Army's Artilleriebrigade 100 with photos of Marder, SpurFuchs, MLRS and others (4 pages)

Twin-gun Turretless Trials Tank, an unusual concept vehicle from the 1970s to evaluate a tank with two fixed guns. A mix of colour and black and white photos, line drawings and data (9 pages)

FAUN BKF 34-4 crane truck (1 page with photos)

Exercise "Summer Charge 2003" by the British Army's 9th/12th Lancers, photos of various CVR(T) vehicles including Scimitars still in Operation Telic colour schemes with add-on armour (4 pages)

Borgward B2000 A/0 German 0.75 ton truck (6 pages, period B&W photos and line drawings from the manual)

M47 range targets in various states of disarray (3 pages)

Newsletter, single page in German only with colour photos

As usual well recommended, this series is available from several distributors. For more details contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert on

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