bookGerman Military Vehicle Rarities (2) - Imperial Army, Reichwehr and Wehrmacht 1914-1945

By Henry Hoppe

Tankograd Wehrmacht Special No 4002.
Soft cover, A4 size, 64 pages

Review by Peter Brown

Close on the heels of the first book on the same subject, this also covers subjects from the Great War to the end of the Second World War, including the inter-war era. All photos are black and white, well printed on glossy paper. Each section has a short introduction, like the captions this is in German and English.

We start again with WW1 era cars and lorries, seven pages for each including a full-page photo on the inside of the front cover. All photos are very clear and include details of markings. Armoured cars in German service extends to five pages with both home-built and captured examples, many in Friekorps makings immediately post-WW1. Interwar subjects follow, with fifteen pages on "Kubelwagens" as light civilian cars with minimal military bodywork were called before the VW took over the name, and ten pages on the heavier six-wheeled Einheitzdiesel truck in various forms. Back to armour again, five pages with some very clear photos of late SdKfz 250 series armoured halftracks in support forms with various gun and turret combinations then eleven pages on the Small Command Tanks built on Panzer I chassis including pre-series vehicles, ambulance and radio control vehicles and some radio-carrying Panzer I's as well.

Rounding this off are six pages on four-legged towing, with various photos of oxen being used to move different items including bombs for Stukas, heavy artillery and bogged-down trucks.

With quality and variety like this, this deserves to become a long-running series. Like its parent Tankograd Militarfahrzeug series it is available from several distributors.

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