bookGerman Military Vehicle Rarities (3) - Imperial Army, Reichwehr and Wehrmacht 1914-1945

By Henry Hoppe

Tankograd Wehrmacht Special No 4003.
Soft cover, A4 size, 64 pages

Review by Peter Brown

In the same format as the first two in the series, this one also covers subjects from the Great War, inter-war period and Second World War. All photos are black and white and many come from private collections. All are well printed on glossy paper. Each section has a short introduction, all text and captions are in German and English.

First section is again WW1 era transport vehicles, 7 pages for cars and six for lorries. All photos are very clear and include details of markings.

Next up is an unusual subject, armoured cars in German police service in the 1920s with 6 pages showing these big boxy cars and their crews.

Motorcycle fans will enjoy the 9 page coverage of BMW R11 and R12 sidecar combinations, with photos of machine gun armed and transport versions with various users from the immediate pre-war and wartime era.

The "Trippel" series of amphibious cars is less well known that the VW Schwimmer, it is covered here in 5 pages showing prototype and civilian versions as well as military use.

A very different amphibian is the tracked LWS Land-Wasser-Schlepper shown in 5 pages of photos.

The late Panzer II Luchs is shown in the next 7 pages, with photos of the VK601 and VK1301 prototypes as well as production SdKfz 123 in service.

Early versions of the Panzer III with the 3.7cm gun get 11 pages of coverage, with views of various marks including the five-wheel Ausf A, eight-wheel Ausf B, C and D plus Ausf E and F and a very early G.

Rounding this off are five pages on various refuelling systems, from specialised fuel trailers and rail wagons to Jerry cans and larger fuel drums, including a wrecked fuel tanker being recovered by an SdKfz 7 haltrack and trailer unit.

Quality is good and variety is wide as with the earlier editions, and this looks set to become a long-running series. Available from Tankograd Militarfahrzeug distributors. For more details contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert on My thanks to Justin Gainham at Bookworld for the review copy.

Page created 11 May 2005

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