bookNATO Response Forces

By Clemens Niesner

Tankograd Missions & Manoeuvres No 7003.
Soft cover, A4 size, 64 pages

Review by Peter Brown

The NATO Rapid Response Force came into being a year after 9-11 tasked to provide troops which could move quickly to a trouble spot. Its is drawn from all across NATO including the recently-joined members, individual units being assigned on rotation commanded from various locations on an annual cycle. As such its components change on a regular basis, this book covers the period under NRF-4 with forces under 43rd Multi-National NRF Brigade mainly from the Netherlands with additional troops from Denmark, Germany and Norway.

Its structures are described in four sections, the main 43rd (MF) NRF Brigade itself plus the supporting Multi-National NBC Battalion, 462nd Logistics Battalion and Medical Task Force.

As well as describing the various components in dual German and English texts, the various equipment used is illustrated with 141 colour photos. This covers patrol vehicles, light wheeled and tracked carriers, main battle tanks, self-propelled artillery, helicopters, logistic, specialist NBC and decontamination vehicles and ambulances. As would be expected given the different countries supplying troops for the unit, there are a lot of different types and listing them all would almost need a book in itself.

The obvious downside of covering such a wide range of different vehicles and equipment is that some do not get many photos each but that is more than made up for by variety and the whole comes recommended. All are shown in detail with a good selection of photos, clearly printed and provided with informative captions again in two languages.

Available from Tankograd Militarfahrzeug distributors. For more details contact the publishers Verlag Jochen Vollert on My thanks to Justin Gainham at Bookworld for the review copy.

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