bookU.S.Tank Destroyers of WWII
Tanks Illustrated No.19
ISBN 0-85368-770-6 Steven J Zaloga.
This book is probably not available currently, but apart from 1 page of text and photo captions is full of wartime photos of US TD's.
Of the 64 pages, 30 are devoted to the M10. The photos are excellent with some good close-ups and many good diorama ideas.

The rest of the book covers the M18, M36, M36B1 and M3 75mm GMC.

Don't worry if you can't get this book anywhere as most of the photographs have since appeared in other publications, most notably the Concord book listed above (#7005) . As Steven Zaloga is the author of both, and there is 11 years between books, this is perfectly understandable.
Good general reference.

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