Hobby Fan
Flak 18 Crew Set
(Afrika Korps)

Hobby Fan 1:35 set No.HF568
Reviews by Terry Ashley

To accompany the release of the AFV Club Flak 18 (kit #AF35088) comes this set of eight resin crew figures in Afrika Korps uniforms but while labelled for the Flak 18 could of course be used to crew a Flak 36 in the African or Italian campaigns.

The figures are cast in a light yellow resin to a high standard with only the usual small casting blocks and very minor casting seams to be removed from some of the legs and arms prior to assembly.

The figures are in various poses holding or loading 88mm rounds, carrying a three round case or using the range finder with a very good mix of uniforms and states of dress.

Four of the figures are wearing shorts, four wearing full length trousers plus four with different style Afrika Korps tunic, two with shirts and two bare chested with five wearing field caps, two bare headed and one wearing a steel helmet for very good variety which adds realism when using all the figures together.

The detail on the figures is excellent with well defined details such as collars, pockets, trouser, braces and tunic seams and head gear detail as well as good anatomical features on the faces, arms, legs and torso of the bare chested figures.

All figures are cast with the full body in one piece with separate arms and heads that include the field caps for a good fit while the steel helmet is a separate part. Care is needed when removing the casting block on the helmet as this is on the thin helmet rim and it’s easy to damage this if not careful.

Assembly was straightforward but the arms have small pins to fit into corresponding holes in the shoulders but were more a hindrance and after cutting these off the arms fitted without any further trimming needed and only the occasional small gap that could be filled with thick cyanoacrylate as you attach the arms.

The join seams for the arms and neck of the two bare chested figures will have to be eliminated completely but the joins of the parts especially at the neck is very good and only small amounts of filler will be needed to eliminate the joins.

While the figures are posed to hold ammo rounds, range finder and ammo basket these items are not included in the set and will have to be sourced elsewhere. The 88mm rounds could come from the AFV Club set #AF 35087 8.8cm L/56 Ammo but as for the range finder, there is one in the old Tamiya Flak 36/37 kit and of course with the Dragon 8.8cm Flak kit (#6260) and Flak Crew set (#6275) which also includes the shoulder supports as well as 88mm rounds and ammo baskets to boot.

No painting guide is included apart from the box top photo but this shouldn’t be a problem with this info being fairly readily available.

A superbly detailed set of Flak crew figures with the assortment of uniforms and dress standards adding considerable realism to the group. The good fit of parts makes assembly a breeze but as mentioned additional items will have to be sourced elsewhere to finish off the figures.

Overall this figure set will make for a very good diorama when used with the Flak gun.


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