U.S. Machine Gun set
1/35th Scale
Kit No.1384
Review by Terry Ashley

The Kit:
This set of US Machine Guns has a selection of M1919A4 .30cal and M2 .50cal machine guns on a variety of mountings. The set comprises 102 parts in grey plastic and a small decal sheet.

The moulding is very good with crisp details on the weapons and accessories and no pin or sink marks on the parts, the only cleanup needed is the usual minor moulding seam on each part.

Included in the set is two aircraft style .50cals with perforated cooling jackets and two .50cals with the body moulded separate and a selection of three different heavy barrel types, one with the straight barrel, one with the barrel and changing handle plus one with the handle and flash suppressor on the muzzle, two of each barrel type is included in the set.

The details on the guns are very nicely defined with separate ammo feed cover, rear sights, rear grip and trigger as well as a separate cocking lever. Along with this are multi-part ammo boxes with WWII and modern style boxes included with securing clips when mounted on the gun feed tray.


There is also a selection of mountings for the guns with early and late style cradle on a typical vehicle mounting post and a choice of folded or extended ground mount tripods for some nice variety.

The .30cal are moulded in one piece with nice body and cooling jacket details and have a choice of mountings from the early to late styles as well as the tripod mountings in folded and extended form as with the .50cals. One of the guns includes the later style cradle moulded on while the other is the gun only and both have nice rear handgrip and trigger included.


Also included are numerous ammo boxes with some moulded in one piece as well as in multi-part with separate lids and finally there is two belts of .30cal and .50cal ammo to use on the ground mounted guns.

The Decals:
The small decal sheet has a selection of stencilling in both yellow and white for the ammo boxes to add authenticity.


This is an excellent set with probably the nicest weapons yet in plastic and a good selection of accessories, with the separate parts on the .50cals allowing you to show the guns being cleaned or stripped in a diorama setting.
About the only negative is that some items like the .50cal barrel changing handles and barrel tips appear slightly over scale, but that’s getting picky and the guns will look good in any setting from mounted on a vehicle or ground mounting.
The inclusion of the later ammo boxes and flash suppressor also allows them to be used in any setting from WW2 to Modern settings.


Parts of one .50cal and vehicle mounting

The Sprues:
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