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M41 Light Tank Wheels & Suspension
AFV Club 1:35th Scale Kit No. AF 35045
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club

The kit:
This set is to update the old Tamiya M41 and M42 kits which have just been re-released after many years.
It consists of the running gear from the forthcoming AFV Club M41 kit. As the Tamiya kits are very primitive by today's standards and have been re-released unaltered this is a big improvement on the suspension in the old kits.

These wheels can also be used to improve the Italeri M24 Chaffee as they are the same size and design, the idler and drive sprockes are different though on the M24 and M41.

The kit consists of the suspension arms and axles plus the road wheels and return rollers, no track is included.

The engineering is interesting on the drive sprocket to give good hub detail as well as to include the lightening holes. The inside half of the sprocket has the hub detail which fits into the outer sprocket allowing good definition on the hub as well as leaving the holes.

Equally the outer road wheels have the rubber ring section as a separate part to again give good definition of the hub detail as well as the outer 'tire'.

New resin final drive housings are provided to replace the Tamiya kit metal rods as these old kits are designed for motorization.

In all a good update if you have the old Tamiya klunkers and bodes well for the detail of the new M41 from AFV Club.

Sprue C x 2
M41 parts
The resin bits
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