AFV Club
German 8.8cm L/71 tank gun
Ammunition and Accessory Set

Kit No. AF 35072
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

To accompany their recent kit of the Pak43/41 AFV Club have released this set of 8.8cm ammunition and accessories for the gun which are also applicable to vehicles such as Nashorn, Jadgpanther, Elefant and Tiger II.

The set consists of 198 parts in olive drab plastic plus a sizable decal sheet with stencilling for the rounds and ammo boxes.

Included in the set are 24 x 8.8cm rounds, 12 empty shell cases, 18 pressed metal round canisters and 12 wooden single round boxes.

The 8.8cm rounds include 3 different types of HE and AP tank rounds with the appropriate details on the rounds but the empty shells will need to be drilled out as they are moulded solid, something that shouldn’t cause too many problems.

The metal canisters have nice details including along with separate end caps so they can be modelled open if required and the wooden boxes have four separate sides and separate end sections which allows good detail on the parts although the sides are a little thick if the boxes are shown open.

Also included is a sizable decal sheet with stencil data for the ammo boxes and canisters as well as the rounds themselves which should add good realism to the painted items.

The instructions are printed on the back of the box and have basic drawings for the ammo box and canister assembly as well as for the decal placement. Brief painting guides are also included with paint numbers for Gunze Sangyo, Humbrol, Revell and Life Color paints.

In all a useful accessory set for the Pak43/41 or any of the SP vehicles that used the L/71 gun and will add substance to any diorama or setting.

Highly recommended.

Yes, there is white stencilling on the sheet
AFV Club
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AFV Club
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Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page Created 10 March 2004

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