AFV Club
German 8.8cm L/56
FlaK18/Tiger I
Ammunition and Accessories

AFV Club1:35 Kit No. AF 35107
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club continues to release accessory sets for not only their own kits but any other applicable kit with this set of L/56 ammunition and accessories for the FlaK18 and Tiger I.

The kit consists of 98 parts in olive drab plastic, two small etched frets and a decal sheet with stencilling for the various rounds plus two turned brass fuse setter caps to update the AFV Club FlaK18 (kit #35088). The assembly instructions and colour painting guide are included on the box front and back for easy access.

Standard of moulding is very good overall without any pin marks to contend with but the ammunition rounds have fairly heavy mould seam lines that will need to be removed. The level of detail is excellent with the wicker ammo boxes have excellent weave effect on all four sides and the indentions on the metal ammo cylinders well done.

The set includes eight four part wicker four round ammo boxes that are in two halves allowing the excellent weave effect to be cleanly moulded on all four sides with separate top flap with detail on both sides and the small top restraining strap included in etched metal for excellent looking boxes.

There are also twelve plastic single round pressed metal ammo cylinders moulded in two halves with a separate end cap and there are nicely rendered recesses on the cylinder and fine details on the end cap.

Three different types of rounds are included each moulded in one piece with a separate end cap in etched metal with excellent engraved details but as mentioned you will need to clean off the fairly prominent mould seams.
The three round types included are HE-FRAG, HEAT and APCBC plus a further twenty spent shell casings to use as required.

As a bonus there two turned brass open fuse caps to replace the moulded on plastic items in the AFV Club FlaK18 kit (part B42) which will allow you to show rounds inserted in the fuse setter on the gun.

The small stencil sheet has extensive stencilling for the ammo rounds with the illustrations of the back of the box showing the stencil locations with the colours shown on the box front.

A very handy accessory set with excellent details on the wicker ammo boxes and metal cylinders and a good selection of rounds and spent casings that can be used with any applicable kit.

Highly recommended.

The Sprues:

Sprue A x 2
AFV Club
Etched parts and decal sheet
AFV ClubAFV Club
Detail images
AFV ClubAFV ClubAFV Club
Assembled wicker ammo box
AFV Club

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