Bronco Models
British 25pdr Ammo Boxes
Bronco Models Kit No. AB3512
1:35 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

The kit:

This accessory set from Bronco Models follows the Allied theme of their recent releases and provides parts for British 25pdr ammo and charge boxes to use as storage for the Staghounds (as shown in the instructions) or a myriad of other diorama uses.

The set has two sprues with 24 parts in light olive drab plastic plus a small decal sheet with box stenciling for the assembled boxes.

Each sprue has parts for 1 x 25pdr round box and 1 x charge box for the separate charges used with the 25pdr and the parts are cleanly moulded without any pin marks or other blemishes present but take care when removing the parts from the sprues as the inside edges are beveled and you should make sure you don't cut away too much plastic.

Sprue x 2
Bronco Models
Decal sheet
Bronco Models

The boxes are broken down into six parts each, the two sides, top, bottom and two end panels and as mentioned the mating surfaces are beveled which results in a very clean assembly without any gaps or seams to be filled. There is also excellent surface details on the box panels that match available photos of 25pdr boxes well.

On the inside of the panels are large locating tabs that are designed to interlock ensuring the parts line up but I found these more of a hindrance than help and simply trimmed the tabs from the panels and just butt joined the panels without any further problems.

Tabs trimmed from inside panels
Bronco Models

There is no detail on the inside of the lid and the boxes are designed to be assembled in the closed state and after painting you can add the decal stenciling provided and while the instructions don't show you specifically where each decal goes there are a couple of small images of the assembled boxes that should give you the idea if no additional reference is available?

Assembled 25pdr ammo and charge boxes.
Bronco ModelsBronco Models


This is a very simply accessory set that should be welcomed by any British and Allied armour fan as it provides one of the more common boxes seen in many a location and not just as storage on the Staghound.

The set is cleanly moulded with little or no cleanup and the beveled locating edges make for seamless boxes not requiring any filling and ready for painting with the decal stenciling adding that final touch.

Highly recommended 8/10

Thanks to Bronco Models for the review kit.

Page created May 29, 2008