Bronco Models
Matilda 2 Infantry Tank T.D.5910 Type
Workable Track Link Set

Bronco Models 1:35 Scalen Kit No. AB3531
Review by Terry Ashley


Bronco Modelscontinue to release individual link working track sets with this providing the later Matilda II T.D.5910 “spud” type track for the recent Tamiya Matilda Mk.III/IV (kit #35300).

The Kit:

The set has 6 sprues with 56 parts each in light beige plastic for a total of 336 parts with the standard of moulding being extremely good. There are no pin marks and only the occasional bit of minor flash, the only cleanup needed is the sprue attachment points and a little care will help to not damage the parts.

Each tack link consists of just 2 parts, the upper section with the track pin and guide plus the lower cast track shoe section, the most notable feature of the links is the hollow track guides on the inner pad section.

The detail on the outer track is also well done and includes very fine casting numbers, these are so fine they are hard to see from some angles and don’t show in some of the images due to the light angle but there are there.

One minor detail omission is shown on the box top illustration of the actual track link. The inner two hinge slots have a bevelled angle while the outer tow slots are at 90 degrees. This is only a minor point and getting rather picky as well as probably not being that noticeable on the assembled track runs.
The 2 parts per link
Bronco Models
Close up of link showing the embossed casting numbers.
Note also the minor detail missing from the inner two slots.
Also note the two side sprue attachments to be cleaned.

Bronco Models

The instructions on the back of the box indicate 71 links per track run for a total of 284 parts (142 links) leaving you with 52 parts or 26 spare track links to use as required.

Just to clear up what may be confusing on the box where it says "2 sets needed". This actually means 2 track runs of 71 links each (left/right) not 2 actual track sets.


After the cleanup of the sprue attachments which is minor as far as individual track sets are concerned the actually assembly is very straightforward really.

You firstly lay one inner pad section with the track pin over the outer pad (pic 1) and attach another inner pad over the track link (pic 2) leaving the inner section ‘swinging in the breeze’ as it were. This will be used to connect the ends of the fully assembled track run later.

This is then repeated with each subsequent link by laying the track pins over the next link (pic 3) and securing with the inner section (pic 4). The most important thing to remember during the assembly is to be very sparing with the glue so as not to glue the track pin in error.

Assembly of each track link as per text
Bronco Models

The assembled track runs articulate very freely and while there is no track sag once fitted to the Matilda the articulation makes for a very natural fit around the kit idler and drive sprockets. The fit of the track around the kit drive sprockets is also very good with a nice snug fit to give an excellent appearance.

The assembled track runs are very nicely detailed and are a considerable improvement over the vinyl track and link and length plastic track in the Tamiya kit, the open guides being the standout feature.

Overall view of assembled track,
note inner giude left "hanging" to join the tracks on the kit.

Bronco Models
Assembly tracks around the Tamiya idler and drive sprocket
Bronco Models


The instructions are simple exploded view drawings on the back of the box along with some CAD images of the assembled track links to help in proper assembly.

As mentioned it is essential to make sure you fit the pins/end connectors with the correct orientation and checking this carefully in the assembly drawings beforehand will avoid any problems.


This is a superbly moulded and detailed set of workable track links for the Matilda II and will allow you to build the later versions of the Matilda featuring this style of track.

Detail on the links with the casting numbers and open guide horns are especially noteworthy as is the lack of pin marks on the track pads and links.

The cleanup of the many individual link parts is quick and easy compared to some track sets and provides a marked improvement in detail for the final kit.

Highly Recommended

The Sprues:

Click on thumbnail for larger view
Bronco Models
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