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German 28cm Swurfgerat 40 Auf G.W. H39
Bronco Models Kit No. 35002
Review by Terry Ashley

This second H39 kit from Bronco Models represents one of the many vehicles captured by the Germans and fitted with 4 adjustable mounting frames (Wurfrahmen) that could mount either the 28cm Wurfkoerper Spr. (HE) or 32cm  Wurfkoerper F1 (napalm) Wurfkoerper (Rocket), although the kit only offers the 28cm Wurfkoerper Spr. (HE) version. The Wurfkoerper had an elevation of 16 to 45 degrees firing in 10 seconds the Wurfrahmen were made from either wood or metal with the kit giving you the wooden framed boxes which appear to be more common from period photos.

The kit is basically the same as with the first H39 kit #35001 but without the rear trench skid and with two additional sprues for the wooden boxes and vehicle mounting frames as well as the cut down Commander’s cupola with split hatches plus a few small alterations to the original kit parts.

Metal parts
Bronco Models

Basic H39:
As mentioned this is basically the same as in kit #35001 and I will refer you to that review for the rundown on the kit as well as how it compares with the Heller and Trumpeter kits of the H35/38/39.

There are a few updates to the original parts with the small step on the inside of the front fenders removed allowing the fenders to fit without trimming and the rear exhaust has been replaced with a more cylindrical exhaust with a hollowed out pipe.

While this is an improvement on the exhaust in the first kit it should be noted that the actual exhaust had a heat shield added over the top with a small gap between it and the actual muffler.

Bronco Models
Images of the actual exhaust, heat shield and mounting bracket
Bronco Models
Images courtest

On the turret there is the small cut-down Commander’s cupola with split hatch that simple replaces the dome cupola of the French H39 and the separate hatches can be positioned open or closed as you wish.

The tracks are the same individual link in black plastic and assemble into nice looking H39 tracks.

Rocket boxes:
These are the wooden type with the frames moulded nice and thin with excellent wood grain effect on the outsides although two sides are plain due to the moulding process. There are separate cross beams also with nice wood grain and inner rocket supports as well as nicely rendered support arms.

A quick comparison with the boxes in the Trumpeter H39 (kit #00352) and the rocket boxes from the AFV Club Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.C Stuka Zu Fuss (kit #35091) and the Dragon Sd.Kfz. 251/2 Ausf.C mit Wurfrahmen 40 (kit #6284) sees the Bronco boxes with better detail and finer wood grain effect than the other three and are the only boxes along with the Dragon kit that include the screw head detail on the cross members which are better defined on the Bronco boxes but the Dragon boxes are also noticeably undersized.

Bronco Models

Support Frames:
The two support frames per side have the different configuration on each which is correct and have separate rotating mounting plates with the details again finely represented along with the large mounting brackets attached to the hull sides.
The separate mounting plates allow you to mount the rocket boxes at any angle for a bit of variety.

Again a quick comparison with the Trumpeter H39 (kit #00352) mounting frames sees these both having the same configuration and not the different shaped backing plate as they should be, there are also noticeably thicker than the Bronco frames and have the mounting plate moulded with the frames and again are far more chunky than the Bronco parts.

28cm HE Rockets:
These are moulded in five sections which are fitted together meaning there is no mould seam to be addressed but the rocket detail is a little exaggerated and the nose too rounded in profile which is noticeable when comparing to the 28cm rockets from the Trumpeter kit as well as those from the AFV Club and Dragon kits.

Bronco Models

The rocket base has the outer perforated ring but there is no detail in the centre of the base as there is on the other three rockets and the Bronco rockets are also a very loose fit inside the wooden boxes as there should be additional inner brackets used when mounting the smaller 28cm rockets instead of the 32cm rockets.

And so while the Bronco rocket boxes are the better of all the 28cm rockets are not up to the other kits making for an interesting conundrum but once the rockets are mounted inside their frames the detail issues might not be that apparent.

Bronco Models

A small decal sheet has markings for three vehicles of the 21st Panzer Division, Normandy area 1944 as well as stencil data for the rockets which is a nice inclusion.

Decal Sheet
Bronco Models
Note: track are in black plastic in the kit
Bronco Models

The basic Bronco Models H39 is basically good to start with and the inclusion of the excellent represented wooden rockets boxes will make for a nice looking model that will see the kit appealing to German modellers to widen its scope.

The only real issue is the rocket detail and the loose fit inside the boxes but overall will build into an attractive model.

Highly recommended.

The Sprues:

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Bronco ModelsBronco ModelsBronco ModelsBronco Models
Detail images
Bronco Models
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Thanks to Bronco Models for the review kit.

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