Bronco Models
A13 Mk.II Cruiser Tank Mk.IV
Bronco Models Kit No. CB-35027
1:35 Scale

Hull details/assembly
Attaching the upper hull to the lower sees a bit of warping at the front due to the large openings
and it is best to attach the rear hull first ensuring the lineup is correct.

Bronco Models
The front hull warping is easily pulled into line when glued to the lower hull
with just some minor trimming needed on the upper nose join.

Bronco Models
Rear hull initial assembly, the fit is very good overall but some care is needed to line all the parts
up correctly to avoid any problems.

Bronco Models
Driver's compartment assembly, the separate compartment is made up of 7 parts that is best
assembled before adding to the hull. The fit will require a little care and manoeuvring of the parts
but the only trimming needed was to cleanup the hull cutouts and at the front of the compartment (shown with red arrows)
this was the only trimming needed with the compartment fitting okay but as mentioned care is needed when aligning the parts.

Bronco Models
Driver's compartment final assembly, no filler was needed after fitting.
Also note good fit of hull inspection hatches.

Bronco Models
Comparison of the kit engine deck (Bottom) with the new replacement deck from
Tiger Model Designs (top) with the correct layout of the hatches and intake grills

Bronco Models


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