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German Sd.Ah.52 3.7cm Flak 36/37
Ammunition Carriage Trailer

Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. CB-35079
Kit review by Terry Ashley

Bronco Models
The Sd.Ah.52 trailer was a small single axle trailer primarily used as transport for the 2cm Flakvierling 38 and 3.7cm FlaK 36/37 as well fitted with the large ammunition resupply trailer with 2cm or 3.7cm ammo as required.

The trailer/ammo box rig was usually towed by the mobile AA vehicles such as the Sd.Kfz.7/1, 7/2, Sd.Kfz.6/2, the sWS 3.7cm FlaK 43 and others.

The Kit:
Following quickly on the heels of the Flakvierling 38 w/Sd.Ah.52 trailer (Kit #CB-35057) Bronco Models have now released the Sd.Ah.52 trailer as a standalone kit with the inclusion of the large ammunition resupply box for the 3.7cm FlaK 36/37 and a selection of Jerry Cans  and 3.7cm ammo boxes and cases.

The kit and consists of 228 parts in light beige plastic and further 38 etched parts, a short length of chain and twine plus small decal sheet and the instruction sheet.

Etched and other parts parts
Bronco Models

Standard of moulding is very good with few if any pin marks visible after assembly and only the odd bit of fine flash with the normal mould seem lines and the many plastic nodes being the only cleanup needed on the parts. There are some quite small and fine parts that need the usual care in cleanup and assembly but the level of detail definition as result of these parts is very good overall.

Sd.Ah.52 trailer:
This is as mentioned above the same trailer as in the Flakvierling kit and therefore the comments below are basically the same as in that review with additional comments for the minor alterations in this kit.

The large trailer chassis has the upper U shaped section with front A frame and lower section as separate parts, this does leave small join seems to be filled on the underside of the trailer chassis but as these are out of sight after assembly you may wish to save yourself some work.

This is now the second trailer I have put together in a short space of time and there is a minor issue that was almost un-noticeable with the first but a little more pronounced with the second kit and therefore worth a cautionary mention.

That is the ends of the U section of the frame are slightly twisted and this results in the fenders and wheels being spayed out a little when attached, this can be rectified as you glue the underside plate (part A10) ensuring the side frames are perfectly square. Let me stress this is not a dramatic flaw and the amount of twist is only very minor and not easily seen till the addition of the fenders and wheels. It’s also easy to slightly re-align the fenders and wheels vertically should this be missed during the earlier assembly.  

Added to the underside of the chassis frame is the forward stand which can be glued in the raised or lowered position depending if the trailer is being towed or free standing.

Other details include the brackets and brake lines as well as the two suspension/axle units that fit precisely to the frame; one impressive feature is the inclusion of the two main compressed air lines from separate air tank to the three part regulator mounted on the frame side. An additional line can be added to the top of the forward A frame connecting the left and right sides from wire you provide yourself with the instructions showing where this is fitted.

On the upper side of the frame is a finely moulded hand brake on the left rear that has a separate actuating rod for excellent detail definition as well as the forward tread plate and tow hitch. Take note of the two angled fender supports as one (part A37) has a cut-out for the hand brake rod so this has to fit on the left side as indicated in the instructions.

 The two winch assemblies at the end of each frame arm are made up of 7 plastic and 2 etched parts each again for excellent detail and also give you the easy option of showing the winch winder handles and hook deployed in a diorama attaching the gun platform to the trailer. Also included is a short length of chain to be attached to the winch but the instructions don’t show where this is attached with the box fitted?

Included in this kit are different hooks (parts P7, P8) designed for attaching the ammo box to the trailer which are fairly basic and I can’t confirm if authentic to the actual hook, but does the job. Also still included are the two part hooks (parts Da5, Da8) for attaching either of the 2cm FlaK 38, 2cm Flakvierling 38 or 3.7cm FlaK 36/37 that all use the Sd.Ah.52 trailer for transport, although the instruction don’t mention their presents as the kit is with ammo trailer option.

Winch hooks for different loadouts
Bronco Models

The two one piece fenders have a very good rounded profile with additional small parts for the tail light/reflectors and fine hooks, all of which need care in fitting.

On top of the fenders are the two storage boxes with recesses in the fenders to ensure precise location along with two additional small ammo boxes (parts A40, A41) added to the end of the ‘standard’ boxes, these additional boxes are present on all photos I have seen of the trailer being used with the 3.7cm ammo box.

The wheels/tyres are also very well done with good crisp detail on the tyre tread and rim/hub detail including the air valve stem and these have the rear axle detail on a disc trapped inside the wheel by the separate rear tyre sidewall section allowing the wheels to rotate freely.

As already stated this is a superb rendition of the Sd.Ah.52 trailer with excellent detail and easy assembly with the only thing to watch out for is the minor issue with the frame arms.

Large Ammunition Box:
The box is fairly straightforward with three internal bulkheads added to the floor and the side panels added around these for easy assembly, the standard of moulding on the box panels is very good with clean crisp detail such as the hinges and many fine rivets.

All the side and floor panels have bevelled join edges resulting in perfectly seem less joins not requiring any filler, but take care because if you don’t align these correctly you could induce some small miss-alignments but if care is taken the fit is perfect.

One thing to watch when fitting the three internal bulkheads is the locating lugs are slightly smaller than the corresponding locating holes allowing for some minor movement and you should make sure the bulkheads are aligned perfectly square or this can affect the alignment of the compartment lids later in the assembly.

With the main box assembled the instructions show to add some ballast in the front compartment but not the actual weight required so I just added a small fishing sinker (about 2g), this weight is required for the trailer/box rig to sit level on the ground as it’s severely tail heavy otherwise.  

The two side mounting supports and front hitch arm are easily fitted in place as are the details on the rear of the trailer, you also get very small etched clips to add to the compartment lid latches and these can be fitted in the closed or open position depending on the lid position.

Additional Equipment:
Included in the kit are 10 individual Jerry Cans and 2 blocks of 5 cans moulded together all with separate grab handles and closed filler caps. The embossed detail on the cans is well done with the larger writing on one side clearly legible along with the cross recesses on both sides.  

The individual cans have etched centre brackets that fit between the two halves for excellent definition on the join rib of the actual cans with the handles and filler cap easily fitted.

There are four different types of cans provided, 3 x ABP produced water cans (Wasser 201), 3 x ABP produced petrol cans, 3 x Sandrik produced petrol cans with the SS symbol in the central panel and a single pre war can produced by Müller Eisenwerke Schwelm with the distinctive uninterrupted cross embossing.

One thing to watch with the pre war can is it has a different filler cap than the others but this is not indicated in the instructions or numbered differently on the sprue but you can identify this as it is wider than all the others. I have marked it’s location on the sprue image to make finding it easier hopefully?

A rack made up of 8 parts is provided to hold 4 Jerry cans and while it’s a little fiddly fitting this together while making sure all the sections are aligned correctly the cans fit into the rack perfectly ready for you to add this as required.

There is also 2 blocks of 5 cans moulded together with the same handles and filler caps added as with the individual cans. There is no detail on the ends of the can blocks instead they are designed for you to glue one of the individual cans on either end with a piece of twine included to realistically tie down the cans to the trailer if required.

Finally there are 8 x 3.7cm metal ammo boxes and 8 x 3.7cm 6 round cases to add to a diorama setting. The boxes are made up of 3 parts each with bevelled join edges making for a very clean box without any joins showing, the tops are moulded closed so you don’t a choice here.

The smaller 6 round cases are in two halves with the rounds moulded inside as well as nice outside detail allowing you to show the cases open or glued closed depending on your needs.

These are the usual exploded view drawings of the assembly sequences and are very clear to follow in most instances but as with any instructions you should study the sequences before any gluing to avoid unwanted problems.

Included are two full colour illustrations for 2 trailers in overall German Gray and Dark Yellow with green brown cam and a small decal sheet with unit markings and some stencilling for the ammo boxes.  Various paint colours used are given for Mr.Hobby, Hobby Color, Humbrol and Tamiya paints.
Option 1: Overall Dark Yellow with Green/red Brown cam.
Bronco Models
Option 2: Overall German Gray
Bronco Models
Bronco Models
This is a superb rendition of the Sd.Ah.52 trailer with details far exceeding any other plastic trailer available and the ammo box while simple in construction has well done details and excellent fit of parts from trouble free assembly.

A bonus is the parts are still included if you want to use the trailer with any of the available 2cm Flakvierling or 3.7cm FlaK 36/37 kits or hook up behind the numerous Sd.Kfz.7/2, 7/2 vehicles available from DML, Tamiya and Trumpeter as well as the sWS 3.7cm FlaK 43 from Great Wall Hobby. The trailer/ammo box rig was also towed by other vehicle types such as the Sd.Kfz.10 and Sd.Kfz.11 as well as others making the uses almost endless.

This would have to be one of the most useful accessory type kits released for German modellers for some time, grab a bag full.

Rating: 9.5/10

The Sprues:

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Detail and assembly images
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Thanks to my credit card, Blast Models and Hobbyeasy for the review kits.

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