Bronco Models
DAK "Topolino" (German/Italian Light) Staff Car
w/Crew & IFS Infantry Cart

Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. CB35156
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Note: A brief comparison with the Tamiya Simca 5 (kit #35231) will be included here as they are
basically the same, the Simca 5 being a licenced version of the Fiat 500 produced in France.
There are some differences but many of the major components are the same for both.
The Bronco parts are in beige plastic and the Tamiya parts in grey plastic.

Trailer assembly with the fine plastic frames and etched box (left)
and final assembly with the wheels and optional top cover.

Bronco ModelsBronco Models
Overall view of the kit with the additional German items and the trailer attached.
It should be noted the DAK configuration in the kit is based on a preserved Topolino in a museum exhibit
and may or may not be an authentic period configuration.

Bronco Models
Bronco Models
Bronco Models
Bronco figures
Both the Bronco and Tamiya driver figures need to be added before fitting the body to the chassis
as it's quite difficult to fit later.

Bronco Models
Bronco Models
Tamiya figure
Bronco Models

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