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Flak 36 Barrel
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM20008
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

LionMarc Model Designs have released this replacement metal barrel for the excellent Dragon Flak 36 (kit #6260) but as this kit already comes with a metal Flak36 barrel you could ask the question, why?

And a good question it is as the differences apart from one are very small and most comments from here on in are definitely in the nit pic category and very minor.

The main difference is the barrel rifling included with the Lionmarc barrel which is not on the Dragon barrel and this does add that extra “finish” to the barrel. The muzzle of the Lionmarc barrel is also drilled out to about twice the depth of the Dragon barrel which gives a better appearance but of course you can simply drill out the Dragon barrel further but you would have a job adding the rifling.

Both barrels are the exact same length but the diameter of the Lionmarc barrel is fractionally larger than the Dragon barrel but the difference is so negligible as to not really be an issue and the locating ring on both is the same size so they both fit exactly into the Dragon kit breech block.

The other difference is the separate barrel collar which is plastic in the Dragon kit but machined metal in the Lionmarc set. The differences are again very small with the front contours of the Lionmarc collar extending slightly too far back while the Dragon part better matches the actual contours. The notches around the Dragon collar are slightly too wide while those on the Lionmarc collar are a bit too long but again the differences are extremely small and basically negligible on the finished kit.

The fit of the metal collar on the Lionmarc barrel is superb without the slightest hint of movement while the plastic collar on the Dragon barrel has the smallest of gaps between the collar and barrel but this will be filled as you attach the collar using thick cyanoacrylate so again isn’t really an issue.

Lionmarc two part metal barrel
LionMarc Model Designs
Rifling in Lionmarc barrel
LionMarc Model Designs
Comparison of Dragon and Lionmarc barrel collar
LionMarc Model Designs
View of Dragon and Lionmarc barrels
LionMarc Model Designs

While designed for the Dragon Flak36 the barrel could very easily be used with the Tamiya Flak36 kit by simply cutting the breech from the kit barrel and substituting this metal one and this for considerable more detail than the kit barrel.

As mentioned the differences between the Dragon kit and the Lionmarc metal barrels are very small with the main thing being the inclusion of the rifling with this barrel and the metal collar instead of the plastic in the Dragon kit.

The small differences will probably go unnoticed on the finished kit and so if you want to add rifling for that final detail touch then this barrel offers that for you.


Thanks to Winston from Wing-n-Treads for the review barrel.
Wings n Treads Carry the full range of LionMarc Model Designs update/detail sets.

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