AFV ClubItaleriTamiya
38cm Assault Mortar SturmTiger
1:35 Kit Comparison
AFV ClubKit #AF 35103ItaleriKit #299TamiyaKit #35177

Running Gear Details
Drive sprockets
All have bolt head details on both sides of sprockets but the Italeri sprocket teeth are the wrong shape.
AFV ClubItaleriTamiya
Four views of Road Wheels, inside and out
AFV Club and Tamiya have good details but the Italeri detail is soft and the bolt flanges
are curved and not straight as they should be. Hub bolts heads are also undersized on the Italeri wheels

AFV ClubAFV ClubAFV ClubAFV Club
Idler wheel
AFV Club has the 600mm Idler while Italeri and Tamiya have the 700mm Idler
Detail again on the Italeri Idler is soft compared to the others

AFV ClubItaleriTamiya

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