AFV ClubItaleriTamiya
38cm Assault Mortar SturmTiger
1:35 Kit Comparison
AFV ClubKit #AF 35103ItaleriKit #299TamiyaKit #35177

Lower Hull Details
AFV Club hull with separate inner final drive bolt panels and best defined hull details
Note weld seam along inderside

AFV Club
Italeri hull with separate front and rear sections but no inner bolt details and basic axle mounting details
Tamiya hull with separate inner final drive bolt panels
but hull/sponson flange on sides only
Upper hull sides included with lower hull tub moulding
Separate final drives on all three kits with AFV Club details better defined
AFV ClubItaleriTamiya
Full torsion bars with AFV Club and external axle stubs on other two with the Italeri axle arms
having a square profile and pin mark to remove.

AFV Club
Front plate is included with the hull tub on the AFV Club and Tamiya kits with
AFV Club having an additional early bolted front plate

AFV Club
Separate Italeri front plate with zimmerit applied
AFV Club hull sides with inner bracket detail and separate front bolted fillets

AFV Club
Italeri hull sides with zimmerit but no inner detail
Tamiya hull sides included with lower tub plus separate front join fillets
Note; Side fenders are full length separate parts on all three kits.

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