54cm Mörser "Loki"
Gerät 041
Dragon Kit No. 6181

1/35th Scale
In Box Review by Terry Ashley

Following on from their earlier release of the 60cm Morser “Karl” Dragon have now released this follow up kit of the 54cm Morser “Loki”

As you would imaging most of this kit is from the first kit with a few minor alterations and additions plus the addition of an etched sheet for some finer details, therefore most of my comments on the “Karl” also apply hear.

The alterations from the first kit include the lower hull tub which now has the axles moulded in the lowered travel position but still retains the incorrect torsion bar arrangement.


Sprue B is modified to include the new 54cm barrel which again has some rifling included at the tip, there is also rifling included on the etched sheet which would improve the look here considerably over the plastic rifling.

Some of the other sprues have minor modifications such as new top sections of the hull ladders and a few other small parts added.

A new sprue H is included which includes the longer exhaust extensions and a two part 54cm shell plus other smaller parts.

The etched sheet as well as the barrel rifling has the circular screen for the engine intakes, the driver’s instrument panel and sections for the top of the large barrel trunnions. These are supposed to represent the many bolt heads missing from the kit but the etched parts offer little other than locations for adding your own bolt heads.
There are also numerous tool clasps which will add some small detail definition to the kit and some other smaller detail parts.


As with the first kit this will no doubt build into an impressive model due to its size but again includes the same simplifications and basic level of detailing.

But as the other threatened kits in the “Karl” game have not materialised then I guess this now becomes irrelevant as these two Dragon kits are the only game in town so if you want a kit of this impressive vehicle then this is it.

One small thing to watch is the boxart shows "Loki" in the firing position, but this would need the suspension in the raised position (hull lowered) and not in the travel position as in the kit, if you have both kits you can use either hull for whatever mode you are modelling the kit in.


The Sprues:

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New Sprues
Dragon Dragon
Sprues from original kit
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"Bertha's Big Brother Karl-Geraet (60 & 54cm)"
by Thomas L. Jentz
ISBN 0-9708407-2-1

AFV Modeller Magazine
Issue No.12
Detailed buildup of the Dragon Karl
with usefull details

German Heavy Mortars
Schiffer Military History Vol.39
ISBN 0-88740-322-0
Allied & Axis No.9
Ampersand Publishing


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