Aufkläerungspanzer 38(t) mit 2cm KwK38
Lion Roar 1:35 Super Detail set #LAS35009
Review by Jenny Croft
Images Terry Ashley


Among the recent releases in the Super Detail Update Conversion Series by Lion Roar is this comprehensive set designed for the Dragon Aufkläerungspanzer 38(t) mit 2cm KwK38 (kit #6294) and it’s hard to see anything that has not had the etch treatment .

The Set:

In the box we find 8 etched frets of different thicknesses , a turned brass 2cm barrel , 2 x .3mm brass wire for various hinge pins & a piece of 1mm plastic rod for the tail light.

The set contains a full set of replacement fenders & brackets, and an etched bending tool such as the Etch Mate or Easybend is almost essential for a nice clean result. It also helps having brass fenders to replicate the kink which is prominently missing from the Dragon fenders.

The two large tool boxes which are carried on the rear fenders are replaced with etched parts with a recess for the fender brackets and with the use of the working catches & hinges the boxes can be built either open or closed. The use of brass also allows you to create dented and damaged boxes for extra realism and the characteristic 38(t) perforated grouser box is also included with the correct pattern & number of holes. There is a choice of two different clamp attachments for the jack which sits atop the grouser box.

There is a stowage box unique to the Aufklaerungspanzer 38(t) which sits next to the grouser box is also included in the brass, again the box hinges are fully workable.

The typical 38(t) air intake with its sliding cover is nicely represented with two alternate options for the delicate screen mesh, a tribute to the level of detail possible with photo etch. A full set of replacement hinges for the engine louvers, eye bolts and again finely rendered mesh with the correct mesh pattern for under the edge of the engine bay doors. All the spare track brackets are replaced with suitably thinner parts. The brackets for the muffler are replaced as well.

All the usual suspects we take as standard are upgrades, brackets for axe, shovel with new PE spade, sledge hammer, crowbar & fire extinguisher as well as the Notek and taillight fittings and the aerial box round off the hull fittings.

The Haengelafette hexagonal turret is fully replaced with sides of thicker brass than the rest of the set; this allows the nicely textured weld seams to be represented with the assembled brass turret fitted to the lower turret ring from the Dragon kit (part H11). There is an additional “double” etched plate for the front of the turret and this all gives a pleasantly more in scale appearance than the plastic kit parts.

The Dragon kit includes etched grenade mesh for the turret but a quick comparison with the delicate Lion Roar screens will see you consign the Dragon parts to the rubbish bin. The Lion Roar mesh is extremely delicate and finely done with separate frames for greater relief and definition to the finished turret. A full replacement gun sight and shell ejection chute for the main gun is also included. Strangely a new fascia for the radio set part B13 is included but not mentioned in the instructions.

The brass barrel included represents the 2cm KwK.38 L/50 barrel which has the same perforated flash suppressor as the longer 2cm FlaK.38 L/65 barrel but unfortunately the KwK 38 barrel included with the set is almost 3mm longer than the recent Panzer Tracts plans and data would indicate it should be.

Lion Roar KwK38 barrel compared to Panzer Tracts plan and the
armorscale and Griffon Models barrels which are the correct length

Lion Roar

The Lion Roar flash suppressor is nicely detailed with the small cone holes and the longer neck holes included although there is some minor brass residue inside the suppressor cone to be removed. You could always cut a section out of the barrel tube in front of the rear housing to correct the length to better represent he shorter KwK.38 barrel.

A fret with nine of the ten round 20mm magazines is included & four ammo boxes for the same, these are brilliantly detailed & can be stowed as you please on the finished vehicle. These are the same magazines and boxes as included in the separate Lion Roar set #LAM040


A very comprehensive set that covers all areas where the Dragon kit can do with some improvement, the mesh details are divine, the fold lines are clear on all parts and given there are no complex curves to be bent within the etch parts most modelers with a little photo etch experience and patience will find no difficulties with this set.

The addition of the set to the basic Dragon model will give a professional model with my only misgivings being the barrel length for the KwK.38.

Highly Recommended.

Set parts:

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Reconnaissance Vehicles
Panzer Tracts No.11-2
ISBN 0-9744862-2-1
Panzer Tracts No.13 Panzerspaehwagen Armored Cars Sd.Kfz.3 to Sd.Kfz.263
ISBN 0-9708407-4-8
Museum Ordnance Special #24
Schwerer Panzerspaehwagen
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Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

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