DUKW Canvas Cover

1/35 Kit No. 1910

Review by Terry Ashley

Designed for the Italeri DUKW (Kit No.6392) is this set of the canvas cover fitted for inclement weather.

Consisting of just three pieces cast in the usual gray/green resin from Verlinden the quality of the castings is excellent with no blemishes of any kind evident. The usual casting blocks to be removed are all the cleanup needed.
The main casting of the large cover has fairly bland fabric contours but features the rope supports along the top as sometimes fitted. The two ends are separate pieces, the rear folded down filling in the opening while the front is rolled up and secured on the front of the cover.
The kit has no instructions included as it is assumed you can easily work out how to fit the parts, fair enough up to a point, that being if the parts were to fit okay to the target kit.

The rear section fitted okay to the main cover with what gaps there were after removing the casting residue easily filled with thick super glue, but it was all down hill from here.

The front rolled up canvas section simply did not fit the contours of the main cover (see images below), not only were the contours ill fitting the sides of the front section was deeper than the main cover resulting in additional problems when fitting the cover to the kit.

The cover is designed to be fitted with the kit side and rear cargo bay panels (parts 20a, 21a, 22a & 23a) in place, but this is virtually impossible without major surgery to the resin parts.

Firstly the rear resin panel has two cutouts at the lower edges to fit over the side panels of the Italeri kit (parts 21a and 22a) but the left cutout is twice the depth of the right cutout and leaves a large gap when fitted.

Secondly, as well as the front section not fitting the main cover contours and the excess depth the width of the front section is too narrow to fit over the side panels of the kit, this means you will need to reduce the depth of the front section and carve back in the fabric folds lost in the process. You will then have to increase the width of the front part to fit the kit, both exercises requiring considerable effort.

Once all this has been achieved I presume the cover will then fit, I haven't tried this as quite frankly I couldn't be bothered with the modifications required as I already have the Blast Models DUKW canvas cover which fits perfectly without modification so why waist more time on this when I won't be using it anyway.

As mentioned the resin itself is good quality but the fit is a mess, if you want a challenge then by all means go for it, personally I have better things to do.

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Page created 21 June 2003

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