Sd.Kfz. 251/7 Ausf. D 3 in 1
Cyberhobby/Dragon 1:35 Scale Kit #6223
Review by Terry Ashley

The Kit:

Following on from the Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C 3 in 1 (Kit #6224) which included the /7 Pioneerpanzerwagen comes this kit of the later 251/7 Ausf.D which includes three versions of the /7, the basic Pioneer Vehicle, the /7 Pioneer Command Vehicle and /7 Pioneer Vehicle with 2.8cm sPzB41 Anti-Tank gun.

The kit is made up almost entirely of parts from previous kits in the Ausf.D (kits #6217/6233) plus pioneer parts from the 251/7 Ausf.C (Kit #6224) and the 2.8cm sPzB41 gun from kit #6056 “German 2.8cm sPzB41 AT Gun & Crew (Eastern Front 1943)” and the running gear from kit #6202 251/16 Ausf.C Flammpanzerwagen with the new parts for a selection of radios and aerials for the command version and new three quarter length canvas cover for the rear compartment.

Also included are new etched parts, two new decal sheets and bonus figures from set #6024 German Sturmpioneer (Kursk 1943) plus metal grab handles for the bridge sections, formed brass fender width indicators and three brass 2.8cm rounds and a short length of twine to again offer a good box full of parts.

Metal parts
For a complete rundown on the kit details check the previous reviews as mentioned above while I’ll give a brief rundown of this kits content here.

As mentioned the road wheels and drive sprockets are those from kit #6202 with the embossing on the rubber sections of the inner road wheels and drive sprocket but the drive teeth still don’t have the slight offset as they should.

The hull is the initial style Ausf.D hull with the two side opening engine bay doors and side storage boxes with one locker on each side which you can show open or closed plus additional etched parts for the lower hull reinforcing panels around the axles. The clear parts for the hull vision ports are also included which can be positioned opened or closed.

On the interior are the newer crew seats with etched rear springs plus one update snuck in with a new floor panel which has the correct sized central hump and revised floor panel details as well as the tread plate pattern being more pronounced which looks better and this update corrects the undersized hump in all previous Dragon 251 kits and I assume it will find its way into the other Ausf.D kits?

The options in the kit are:

1. 251/7 Pioneerpanzerwagen with the hull side mounted bridge sections from kit #6224 that include the formed metal grab handles and there is also four etched tilt frames which can be added as well as a choice of three quarter length canvas cover is DS100 vinyl to add for a bit of variety.

2. 251/7 Pioneerpanzerwagen Command Version which is basically the same as above plus the inclusion of two radios and separate racks and a selection of aerials that include a star antenna which will require some care when removing from the sprues and in cleaning up due to the thin mouldings. Both these versions are armed with front and back mounted MG42s.

3. 251/7 Pioneerpanzerwagen with 2.8cm sPzB41 Anti-Tank gun which again is basically the same as option 1 but with the new upper hull panel for the gun mounting while the gun is from the earlier kit #6056 “German 2.8cm sPzB41 AT Gun & Crew (Eastern Front 1943)”. The details on the gun are quite good but the gun shields are on the thick side and while the edges have slight bevelling they will certainly benefit from etched replacements which are sure to come from the usual suspects.

The additional pioneer equipment sprue from the Ausf.C/7 is also included as is a driver figure and extra clothing in the DS100 vinyl and four figures from the German Sturmpioneer (Kursk 1943) which have nice details in usual Dragon fashion plus a selection of personal equipment to use is a diorama setting.


This kit also contains two full sets of tracks, the initial type track (skeletal with lightening holes) with rubber shoes and the “EZ Track” which is the pressed pattern with rubber shoe and while less common than the skeletal was still used throughout the war years.
The EZ Track links and separate shoes come already separated with no cleanup required apart from two pin marks on the inside of each track link which will require filling but as there is no sprues or other cleanup they would probably take about the same time as “normal” plastic individual links to assemble but the rubber shoes do look a little undersized.
Assembly is the usual method for this type track where you fit one link into the other and hold in place with the track shoe, but due to the small size there isn’t a lot of contact area to glue and care should be taken if you want them to fully articulate after assembly with the assembled tracks fitting snugly around the drive sprockets and provide a nice alternative to the skeletal track, not to mention a full set of tracks left over for other projects no matter which you choose.

EZ pressed type track links
Skeletal type track links


There are two new decal sheets with a large selection of vehicle numbers and balkenkreuz as well as the previous sheets with vehicle number plates and Panzer Division markings and the small sheet for the instrument dials.

The instructions show three view drawings for nine different vehicles, six for the Pioneerpanzerwagen, one for a Pioneerpanzerwagen Command Version and two for the Pioneerpanzerwagen w/2.8cm sPzB41 for a good selection of markings.



Another well detailed kit with a good selection of options which now gives you a choice of the distinctive /7 Pioneerpanzerwagen in both the Ausf.C or Ausf.D hull configurations and as with previous kits the bonus figures and equipment add the the appeal.

Highly recommended.

The Sprues:

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New Parts

Detail images
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Thanks to my credit card and the guys at Rainbow Ten for the usual prompt delivery of the kit.

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